Besides the 15% discount from your membership here are additional ways to: save on your Shaklee products, earn cash rewards, or FREE products through referrals.

Savings for New Members:

  • Member Welcome Session – Meet with me to learn more about the benefits of your Shaklee membership on the phone or in person and I will set you up for a 15% discount on your next order.
  • Free Shipping on your next order. Activate your membership in the next three weeks at and send me an e-mail with three things you learn at the member center and you get free shipping on your next order placed within 60 days.

Earn $25 Credit through Shaklee Member Referral Program

 You send a special invitation message (with a specially coded link) from the site via Facebook, Twitter or email to a friend.

Friend uses the link to visit a special site where they purchase products, and they automatically get a one-time 15% discount.

If the order totals $25 Member Price (MP) or more (excluding taxes, shipping and handling), you get a $25 credit you can apply to your next order of Shaklee products. 


FREE Vitalizer or Vivix

  • Host a Shaklee Learning Event in your home with 5 or more guests and I will give you a month’s supply of Vitalizer or Vivix plus an extra 15% off any order you place.
  • Introduce me to 5 friends who schedule an individual appointment with me to learn about Shaklee and I will send you a month’s supply of Vitalizer or Vivix. This can be done over the phone or in person.


Save 10% with “Auto Ship” service: This is a great tool for busy people. Select the products that you use regularly. Set up an autoship order on a 30, 60, or 90 day cycle. You will save 10% on Vivix, Vitalizer, Nutriferon, Cholesterol Reduction Complex and OmegaGuard and possibly qualify to receive an additional product for $10. Ask me for details. I encourage you to try it. Each month you will receive a reminder e-mail and can add to or delete your order for the month. I can help you with this if you like.