Maybe the answer is a new routine

 Hi Team,

This is a great message from Gary and totally in line with my thinking. There is a speaker I like who says – “Your life changes when your habits change” . I have ideas floating around in my head about what habits I need to change, what routine I want to develop to make sure I achieve my goals for the year, including the trip to Kenya. I am going to commit it to paper this weekend. Read Gary’s message and give it some thought (and some action). I plan to approach Gail, Jo or Gary to be my accountability partner. I am available to all of you to be your accountability person if you desire. Or you can approach anyone upline too. As long as you have written goals and a plan of action and are moving forward each week I am sure they would be happy to work with you.


The annual conference is over, we’re all back home ready and roaring to have the best year we’ve ever had.  School is starting in the next couple weeks so for many it will be back to the same routine. 
If your old routine has been productive for you then of course you won’t want to change it.  On the other hand, if you truly want to have a banner year, sponsor new people, grow your PV, increase  your monthly earning by a minimum of $1000 a month or up to $2000 a month,  reach a new rank, qualify for one or more of the incentive trips, my guess is most of us will have to create a new routine.
Ask yourself some questions, what is it you have to change in your daily, weekly routine in order to have the year you really want?   Write down the changes you know you have to make.  Once you’ve done that send those ideas to your upline or someone you can be accountable to.  Someone who won’t criticize or judge you, but will listen and encourage.
Having someone to talk through your ideas for you to change is important.  I know  people   want change but they aren’t accountable to someone.  The conversation doesn’t have to be long……but what if you were accountable to someone and could talk each week for only about 10 minutes?   
Thank about it.   Do you need a new routine?  If yes, in what areas?  Believe me friends, working hard will pay off for you.   There will be challenges but that is life and by accepting challenges, that is how we change things.   Think about it.
Gary Burke

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