Long Range Vision

One of the awesome gifts of Shaklee in my life is having great mentors, that seem to have an uncanny ability to deliver an inspiring message when I most need it. Look what landed in my inbox from Presidential Master Coordinator Gary Burke this morning. You can apply this to any life or business endeavor.
There are many principles that I feel have helped guide me over the years.  The following is a principle I have read in a number of articles and/or books over the years.  I would rate this idea as one that has helped me personally more than others.
                                 You must have a long-range vision to keep you from
                                               being frustrated by short range failures.
What this says to me very simply is failures will take place as that’s a part of any venture or life.  It’s about continuing to put in consistent effort even when it doesn’t appear to be working….every day isn’t going to be your best day, every week won’t be your best week, and every month won’t turn out to be the ideal month.
What I am trying to say here is simple…keep doing the right things even when you experience those very short-term failures.
There aren’t any secrets for succeeding but I will use that word, secret, to describe what Faye and I feel was/is our secret.  Our secret for whatever success we’ve had or have is this, we’ve been consistent with our thinking, our effort and have had a long-range view of what it would take to get where we wanted to be in the business.   Along the way we have experienced many short-range failures.  Who hasn’t?  Everyone does!
We just kept plugging along and trying to do what we felt was the right things even though at times it was slow going.
Work at being consistent as it will eventually pay off for you.  This means no stopping for 3 months….then starting all over again.   Consistency in this business will serve you well.   THINK ABOUT IT!
Gary Burke

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