Listen, Learn Train Yourself

Gary’s message from yesterday.

I have a little book that I read from once in a while that has been very inspiring to me over many years.  Today what I read says something that kind of jumped out at me because I know it’s very accurate.
“Find out what you wish to be or do, then train yourself for it.  What you have undeveloped in you has no value.  If you have a voice, put yourself under a teacher, then carry out the teachers instructions.   If it is art, put yourself under a competent instructor and obey the laws of art and work.   Nothing will take the place of hard work, intelligently directed.”
It says to train yourself, but find someone who has experience and then follow their instructions.  Building a Shaklee business isn’t any different friends.  Please understand that there aren’t any secrets for building this business to whatever level you choose.  It’s all a matter of being willing to listen and learn from people who have done what it is you want to do or be……then work hard at training yourself to become the best you can become.
Think about it!   Are you willing to listen, learn and then train yourself?
Gary Burke

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