Linda’s Success Story In Her Own Words

Here is Linda’s Story. Worth reading.

Hi Monica,  I would be glad to write about my experiences in Shaklee in the last 3 months. 

In August I was trying to figure out how to replace 3 incomes that I no longer had.  I was accompanying for two churches  in Beloit who’s music teacher could not play the piano.  In June the music teacher got a different job and both churches hired music teachers that could play the piano.  So I was out about $70.00 a week from that.  Also I had a colonoscopy and was not able to give plasma for four months.  That was another $60.00 a week.  So I needed to be able to earn $520.00 a month.  I was looking for a way to make up this income when I thought why not do my Shaklee business again. About that time Gail Bryant sent out a incentive challenge of doing 25 1st appointments in one month for September, October & November. I thought to myself I want to try this.  I started to call people, like my family and friends that I had talked to about Shaklee in the past.  The first month my question to them was:  I have started to do my Shaklee business again and we just got a new presentation that we have a goal to do 25 appointments in 1 month, would you be able to help me out by listening to my presentation?  It will only take 45 minutes to an hour, unless we get to chit-chatting then it may go a little longer ( at this point people usually laughed).  I also told them, there is no obligation for them to buy or do anything I just needed them to listen to my presentation.  Then I would set the appointment and do them.  I tried very hard to keep to the time frame I set.

One thing I found doing the presentations is every time I did them I asked the people to critique me.  That was a little scary, but they were always very nice in what they would say.  For the most part they gave good comments and that made my confidence grow.

 The month of October was a little different as I was doing more appointments with people that were on my list that I made in August that I had never talked to about Shaklee.  With this group of people the questions to get the appointment were a little different because these people may not have known that I had my own Shaklee business.  So I would say Hi this is Linda Gracyalny and I don’t know if you knew that I have my own Shaklee business but, I do.  I have set a goal to do 25 presentations this month and was wondering if you would be able to help me out and listen to my presentation?……etc..

In October Gail and I decided that I needed to start doing 2nd appointments also.  This has helped to go back to my first month people to start doing follow up appointments with them.  The 2nd appointment is either the pages of the” 2nd appointment” or a product appointment.  I go back with something that they may have shown an interest in the 1st appointment.  I’m now seeing how important follow up is.  Without it your business won’t grow as fast.

My PV in August was:284.37
In September it was: 777.60
And in October it was: 1320.18
November as of now it is 603.80
November was a very busy month for me with non Shaklee  things.  For December I already have 6 appointments made and will make my goal again.  Just know that you’re volume will grow when you are doing enough activities.

Gail, my husband Randy & I, have gone to very nice restaurants in September & October and would really like to have other people join us in doing 25 appointments in 1 month so we can have a bunch of people  join us for a nice meal and conversation.

Shaklee is wonderful business to have .  The support that Gail has given me is tremendous. I want to take this time to say Thank-You and go out and do 25 presentations.  I know you can.

God Bless
Linda Gracyalny


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