Keep Invitation Simple

Hi Team,

Now that we have set some goals and made a list of some people we want to talk with the next step is to make some calls and invite people to take a look at what Shaklee is about. The best thing is to keep in simple. I just got off the phone with a man I spoke with a couple of months ago about Shaklee and I said something like this.

First some small talk and then.

One of the reasons I called today Larry was I wanted to follow up on the conversation we had a couple of months ago about Shaklee. Well some really exciting things happened at our conference a couple of weeks ago – they totally revamped our compensation plan making it even more lucrative – including adding a car program and extra travel perks. I would really like to get together with you and your wife and show you how it works so you can see if it is a good fit for you.

And he said “Sure!” Plan is for him to check with her on her schedule and see if we can get something set up on her day off as she works days and he works nights.

If you speak from your heart and keep invitation simple you will get some positive responses. Remember you are just INVITING them to take a look at what we do and where we are headed as a company. You are not asking them to start a business. Will you get an appointment with everyone – no.

Here’s another conversation I had with my next door neighbor Heather who is studying some sort of international stuff at UW Eau Claire. Knowing that she has lived with international students including Chinese students in the past I made small talk and found out that her roomate this coming year is from China soooo…

Well Heather that is interesting as I just got back from the Shaklee Global Conference and althought they call it a global conference this is the first time it felt like one. There were lots on international people including a big contingency from China as we are growing really fast over there right now. I’m looking to talk with people who know people overseas and particularly in China. I was wondering if we could get together sometime before you go  back to school and I could show you a bit more about how Shaklee works. I know it might not be something that interests you, but if you meet international students that may be interested you could point them my way.

Heather and I are having lunch on Monday.

Here are some other ideas.

I just got back from the Shaklee Global Conference and I am so excited I can’t sleep at night. Roger Barnett our CEO keeps finding new ways to pay us more money and give us more perks including a car program and more trips. I now have this big picture of what this opportunity could mean for my family and the people I know in the years to come. I’m calling everyone I really care about to invite them to take a look at what is happening at Shaklee and that’s why I am calling you. I would like to get together with you soon to show you how it works. Then you can decide if it is a good fit for you and your family. Does Tuesday at 10 or Wed at 7 work best?

Hi _________

small talk…

One of the reasons I am calling today is I learned recently about this thing called “The Dream Plan” from Shaklee and I am so excited about what it could me for me and my family (and my kids and someday grandkids) that I want to share it with all the important people in my life. You are on my list of important people and so I would like to get together with you soon to show you how it works. Does Monday at 7 or Tuesday at noon work best for you?

I could do this all day. The point – keep in simple short and sincere and you will get appointments. If you can personalize it to them that is great – I will put up more ideas later.

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