It will make a difference.

Having a plan for whatever you want to achieve in life is the key. My mentor Gary Burke always comes back to the simple and basic concepts. That’s why he has been successful and that’s why I listen to his messages. Who are you  listening to?


I’m preparing a talk I’ll be giving shortly and yesterday I had a thought and I would like to pass it along.  You may or may not agree but that’s okay.  The thought of the importance of creating a plan and then of course working the plan was in my mind because of watching some of the Olympics.
The stories of the various Olympians always inspires me.  These are people who worked incredibly hard for 4 years to perform for maybe 2 minutes or maybe a hour or two at the Olympics.  Their plan was to qualify for the Olympics, do their best and maybe…..just maybe they can get a medal.
I heard the word plan several times in interviews or by the TV announcers.  Here is what it boils down to as far as I’m concerned.  Planning is the key tool that helps a person to increase their probability of success.
A plan stimulates your thinking…it help you visualize the promise of the future….you’ll get new ideas and insights as you create your plan.   A plan is a vital tool.
The other thought I had yesterday was this….people who don’t have a plan or idea of exactly what they want, these people are “doing Shaklee.”   A plan means there is a target, a goal, a dream, specific actions in order to achieve.   You can’t just wish for things to change…you can have hope but you can’t just hope your business grows.
Think about it.  Why not create a plan with very specific steps.  Then get an accountability partner to talk with once or twice a month….someone who doesn’t criticize or judge.  You need someone to encourage you to continue to move forward regardless of what happened yesterday or last week or last month.
Working from a specific plan will make a difference for you.
Gary Burke

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