It was About a Dream

A big thank you to my mentor Gary Burke for this reminder today to keep my dream alive.

Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. day and many people will reflect back on the great speech he gave on August 28,  1963 in Washington, D.C.  It is considered to be one of the greatest speeches of all time.  The title of his speech was I Have A Dream.   Just think about it for a minute because hundreds of thousands of people from all over the country, black and white, traveled to Washington, D.C.  to hear this man talk about his dream.
I went online yesterday and read parts of his speech and something I heard a few years ago about this speech came to mind.  Martin Luther Kings’s speech was I Have A Dream not I Have A Plan.  He had been talking about his dream in other speeches back in 1960 so that was his focus.   People came to hear a man talk about a dream he had for this country.
We talk about goals, having a process, following a plan, doing the steps and these are all obviously very important as they are more specific and will lead to success.   A dream on the other hand is kind of a “wouldn’t it be nice if  ……”  or “I sure hope it will happen.”   I had my dream start in 1970 when I joined Shaklee.  I didn’t know what was true and what wasn’t but it sounded good….. no it sounded great.   There were a lot of “what if’s” but it always sounded great when I went to a meeting.
I think it’s a matter of keeping a dream alive.  How do we do that?  It’s by thinking and talking about it at every opportunity we might have.   Talk about your dream, go for a walk and imagine what your life is going to be like in a few short years.   It’s the responsibility of each individual to keep their dream alive.   We have something unique because we have the opportunity to offer a dream to others.
Gary Burke

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