Is the thing you are selling worthwhile?

Hi Team,

Gary shared this booklet with us at the spring conference “Signposts on the Road to Success” by EW Kenyon. He’s been reading it for 40 years or more. Some of it is a bit dated, but the messages still rings true. I really like this one. I believe that we have something that will be an incredible blessing to people – Better Health and Financial Freedom. Read and reflect on your beliefs about what we have to offer people through Shaklee.


You are selling from house to house. You are ringing bells. That is a good place to start life. I started there. You meet a different person every five minutes.

If you can get them to listen to you, that is the first step.

So many simply say, “I haven’t time,” and then slam the door in your face. You smile and go to the next. That’s the game.

But the man who can get inside the house to diplya his goods is the man who puts it over.

The first requisite is a smile and a glad “Good morning.” It is not an ingratiating smile, but a wholesome, big warm smile.

You know that you have something that they need, something they ought to have.

You come there with the heart of a philanthropist.

You have something to give.

They are going to get something worth more than they pay for it.

You are not trying to outdo them, but you are there to give them something worth while.

I didn’t know anything about the sales game when I went into it as a boy of twenty-one.
I became one of the pioneers of sales talk, teaching the art of salesmanship.

But I found that I could not sell unless I had confidence in the thing I was selling.

I was selling pianos and organs from house to house.

I tried to sell an instrument in which I had no confidence.

I was an utter failure.

I went back to the office and asked the manager which was the best piano for such a price.

He told me. I went to the factory to find out all about pianos.

I went through the factory and studied them until I knew everything a young fellow could learn about the instruments.

Then I went out on the road.

I knew I had the best thing on the market for the money.

I knew that if I could get a piano into a house and get the boys and girls to practice, it would change the future of the home.

I went out to help the community.

I succeeded.

It was easy to sell when I had the right mental attitude toward the people.

I was trying to bless them.

I was trying to help the folk who bought.

Do you see the point?

That is the real are of salesmanship.

I was so dead in earnest about it.

I was so enthusiastic about the bargan which I had that I carried them off their feet.

I sold to people who had no music in them. I sold to them because of the excessive, burning desire in my heart to make them happy.

That is the thing which sells.

Settle it into your own mind. Is the thing you are selling worthwhile?

If it is not, then get something that is.

If you are selling insurance, bonds, autos, or groceries know this: If your entire ambition is simply to get the money out of it, you will fail. But if you are giving them something that is going to be a blessing, and you are enthusiastic over it, you will be a success.

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