Is it really about accomplishment?

Hi Team,
I firmly believe that the real challenge in Shaklee is to become the best we can be. Here’s a great message from Gary about that topic. Please consider sharing some of your story here about the obstacles you face, have already overcome or are working on overcoming.The biggest obstacle for me is overcoming the fear. I believe that by sharing our journey, our personal story, our insights with others we grow. It’s ok to be a bit vulnerable.
Building a Shaklee business certainly has been a blessing in so many ways.  It’s not just building our personal health or the great income that is available.  I think it’s more about becoming the best person we can become… other words, it’s the personal development.
I saw an interview last night on TV of Johnny Miller who is a former professional golfer and was one of the best in the world in his time.  Johnny was talking about life and golf but it sounded like it was more about life.  What he said really caught my attention and made me think.   It still does this morning.  His quote is below.
              It’s not so much about what is accomplished, it’s about what is overcome.
                                                                                                          Johnny Miller
What a great statement,  it covers everything and everyone.  We talk a lot about accomplishment in Shaklee and in the upcoming Washington, D.C. annual conference all the recognition will be about what various people have accomplished.   I might add that the Shaklee home office team does a great job of the recognitions.
The real story is about what the people have been able to overcome on their way to accomplishment.    There would be a very long list of what has been overcome but here are a few things…..fear…..very busy……setbacks…..obstacles……I can’t sell…….I don’t know anyone who would be interested……I can’t find builders…….health issues……I can’t speak in front of a group……negative comments from people.  
I know that I personally had to overcome a number of things on our way as we built our business.  Everyone has to be an over-comer.    That’s life!   At times it’s a battle.  it’s also frustrating and disappointing  at times.  But you know what?   What isn’t frustrating and disappointing at times?   Get over it!  Work through those times because they will be there.
What is it you have to over-come today?    All I can say is this, it’s worth everything it takes to work on your personal development and be an over-comer.   It takes a lot of work but go for it.
Gary Burke


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