Income Producing Activities

Hi Team,

The Tuesday morning webinar continues to be great each week. The current schedule is going through the new First Step Action Guide.

Today Steve Toovell spoke about the importance of the 80/20 rule in relation to how we spend our time. 80% of our time should be spent on Income Producing Activities – making phone calls, inviting people to events or getting appointments, presenting or attending events with guests, hosting an event in our home, following up after appointments.

20% of our time should be spent on education, organizing… attending training, webinars, conference calls….

That means that if you can devote 10 hours a week to your business 8 hours should be IPA’s basically getting appointments, time spent in appointment and follow up after appointment. And two hours a week on training and development…

Something to think about – how are you spending your “Shaklee Time”

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