Imagine the Olympic Testing Committee showing up

Imagine you are an athlete bound for the Olympics in a couple of months and one Saturday night your doorbell rings and you open the door to find the Olympic testing Committee ready to do a random test for banned substances.

How would you feel? Anxious? Nervous?
How about confident and secure!

That is the scene Olympian Eli Bremer described last August when I heard him speak at the Shaklee Global Conference. He was preparing to compete as a Pentathlete at the Beijing Games in 2008 and he was confident and secure that he would pass the test with flying colors because Shaklee was and still is his brand of choice. Eli knew he could trust Shaklee for products that were absolutely pure. He went on to share a story of a friend who used another brand of supplements that didn’t fare so well in her testing and was banned from competing in Beijing. Her Olympic dream shattered.

This experience inspired Eli to help Shaklee spread the word among world-class athletes that our products make a difference and that Shaklee is a brand they can trust. Eli is heading up the Shaklee Pure Performance Team and I am proud to say that there are 8 athletes fueled by Shaklee who will be competing in London. I hope you will join me in cheering them on.
Dennis Bowsher, Pentathlete
Corey Cogdell, Trap Shooter
Caryn Davies, Rower
Troy Dumais, Diver
Marguax Isaksen, Pentathlete
Seth Kesey, Fencer
Eleanor Logan, Rower
Keith Sanderson, Rapid Fire Pistol Shooter

Eli’s favorite Shaklee product along with many of the other athletes is Performance® Sports Drink – when he is actively training he drinks a half-gallon or more per day! Learn more about Eli’s career and favorite Shaklee Products at  This site highlights the members of the Shaklee Pure Performance team, but the stories of the athletes headed for London have been temporarily removed from this site due to an Olympic blackout period.*

The good news for you – Performance can become your drink of choice even if you aren’t bound for London. This is what Dave an almost 70 year old new customer has to say about Performance and how it is helping him on his bicycle challenge to ride 700 miles. It really does what the label says!  Gone are the occasional cramps two hours later and the next day I am ready to go again.  Incredible product.  I don’t leave home without it!

Here’s what makes Performance a smart choice.

  • No artificial flavors, sweeteners or added preservatives.
  • More electrolytes and provides more nergy than the leading hydration drink
  • Economical – approximately 55 cents per serving  (value size container

Read the high flying story about the history of Performance and how it stacks up to the name brands here. 

I’m confident once you give it a try it will become your favorite too. Click here for a special offer on all the Shaklee Pure Performance Team Favorites.

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