I’m fired up- Gail is coming

Hi Team,

We had an awesome Shaklee event in Oconomowoc last night – Pat Hintze, Sarah Hein, Rich Higbee VP for Field DevelopmentĀ and his new assistant VP for Field Development (east part of country)Dave Flemming.

Rich shared the slide many of us saw at the convention about how much we make at Shaklee compared with other multi-level companies. The whole package last night got me really fired up. We have what people need and are looking for – better health and a way out of their financial worries. I’m fired up and ready to start talking to more people about Shaklee.

So… or next event is next Wed night at Social Life Dance – Gail is Coming and I would love to have the whole Madison team there with at least one guest? How many people do you need to invite to get one to come? Don’t know, but what if you kept making calls till you found one or two who would come? What if you made plans to pick them up for the meeting to make sure they can’t back out? Or take them out for a bite to eat before the meeting?


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