I’m Dreaming Big

Hi Team,

The convention has been awesome and the future looks very bright. The new sales plan called The Dream Plan sets the stage for all of us to live a future beyond our wildest imagination. It is much simpler, easier to explain and we will now be paid to Inifinity on all Shaklee products sold in our organization. That’s ALL products all around the world forever!

More dreaming – the new car program is very achievable and can be reached at the Senior Director level when you maintain 3000 a month PGV. The new trips are to the Bahamas for 350 points and Bora Bora for 1000 points. Plus new distributors getting started on the Fast Track can earn all the regular Fast Track bonuses, a trip to corporate headquarters, free registration to next years conference in Washington DC, plus the Bahama and Bora Bora trip! The Best News for all of you who are not directors yet – as of right now you are considered brand new to Shaklee and can start on the FastTrack and receive all the benefits listed above.

I’m setting my sights on driving a Shaklee car and winning both the Bahama and Bora Bora trips. My rank goal is Senior Executive Coordinator by convention next year. To accomplish this I need to help two other people reach the rank of director or above. I have one person who has stepped forward to say that they want to grow on the Fast Track plan. I’m looking for one more. Want to join in the fun?

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