I’m a Shaklee Distributor – Now What?

Hi Team,

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you get started in Shaklee what to do first. The tendancy is to fall into the trap of thinking that you need to learn a lot about the products or how to explain the compensation plan before you start approaching people about Shaklee. I have been working with my mentor Gail to simplify what a new person needs to do and we have narrowed it down to the two most important tasks for new people to do.

1. Change Brands –

It makes sense that you have a Shaklee business – a “Shaklee Store” so to speak that you want to buy products from your own store. I suggest that you start with Shaklee’s two best selling products from the nutritional line Vitalizer and Vivix and then expand to the cleaning products, personal care products, Cinch

Why Vitalizer and Vivix? I believe these two products represent the best of Shaklee science and you are most likely to get the greatest result with these two products. Once you have a testimonial story about what the products have done for you – the easier it will be to approach people to share your story. A perfect example is Shaun and Michelle LeVeque who started out right away on Vitalizer and both now have great testimonial stories to share. Shaun’s asthma symptoms went away and Michelle’s excema dissapeared!

Second reason to start with Vitalizer and Vivix is it makes good business sense. These are Shaklee’s best selling products and my business also reflects that trend. Customers that take Vitalizer and Vivix usually go on autoship. Autoship is a great way to create a stable volume base for your business. I would estimate that 70% of my volume in my personal group comes from people on autoship.  

2. Invite –

You don’t have to worry about presenting – your upline will help with that part. Read separate post on the art of inviting.

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