If you stay in the game and keep doing…

Gary’s after Christmas message – I couldn’t say it any better.
This is the day after Christmas and I am in my SUV driving to Arizona as you read this. We’ve all got a few days until the new year starts so let’s do some thinking, some planning, about how we’re going to approach 2012.
Remember, new goals will always require two things: 1. New thinking! 2. New behavior. Only the individual can make the choice and follow through on the decision. It isn’t about Shaklee Corporation, it isn’t about what Roger Barnett decides, it’s not about your upline or downlines. It’s all about YOU and of course ME.
The following quote is something I found in the newspaper a couple weeks ago. I forget the context of the article but as I read it there was no doubt in my mind that this applies to anyone and everyone who has a desire to have a great year in whatever it is they do.
“If you stay in the game and keep doing the right things, meaning the basics, the fundamentals,¬†eventually good things will happen.” Bauman said. “We can all apply this sort of discipline every day to whatever goal we have.¬†Do something consistently for a year or two, and things are going to change.”

That says it friends. It very simple but of course it’s never easy. It’s never been easy but then building a Successful Shaklee business is about having a different future, living debt free, travel, helping people have a new future. Don’t look for easy. Look for taking advantage of an opportunity and in my view there isn’t a better opportunity in the USA than Shaklee.
Enthusiastically looking forward to 2012!

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