If I get all that… I want to be a member

One of the things I love about what I do is meeting new people and showing them how they can use quality products backed by science and save money. Last week when I showed Julie the Cinch Sampler Pack that comes with a new Shaklee member order of $70 or more she said, “I get all that for FREE if I become a member?” I nodded my head and Julie said “Well then I want to be a member.”

Julie’s goal is to lose 10 lbs so the Cinch sampler pack will be a good way for her to try out Cinch – see how it tastes, see how she feels and decide if she wants to keep using the products to reach her goal.

Here’s a short video on how Cinch works.
And a link to details on the FREE offer.

Good news – you can use Cinch products even if you just want to maintain your weight like me. You may find that you come to reply on the “good nutrition on the run”qualities of Cinch bars and shakes. Cinch has become a staple for me. I keep the bars in my car, briefcase, purse… and I know the products are helping me avoid weight gain into my 50’s.

If you or someone you know is serious about losing there are hundreds of success stories of people who have lost weight while maintaining their metabolism – this means they are keeping it off. Check out our timeline of success stories here. Just click on individual icons to read and hear stories. We’ve been running a Cinch Support Group this spring and Gary who is diabetic has lost over 20 lbs and has stablized his blood sugar so he doesn’t have to go on insulin! Yeah!

If you are like Julie and like the prospect of getting all the products above for FREE click here to redeem this offer or leave me a message if you have questions.

Added plus of choosing Shaklee products? If you are not happy for any reason you can get your money back!

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