How to Make it Easier

Gary’s daily message –
Did you know that there actually is a way to make the business easier for yourself?  There really is!  It’s a very simple idea but it’s guaranteed to make building your business easier.   I wonder what you’re thinking right now…..”Yah, I’ll bet there is.”    “Who’s he trying to kid about the business getting easier!”   Or maybe a thought like…..tell me what it is and I’ll do it because I truly want everything Shaklee offers.
Here it is…..Ready?  The more experiences you create, the easier it gets.  So, if you want
                                   the business to get easier, work hard to get more experience.
It’s all a matter of stepping out and making the decision that you’re going to start doing all the things you know a person should do in order to grow this business.  Yes, there will be new efforts in areas where you will feel uncomfortable.    Approaching people, giving presentations, speaking in front of a group of people, etc.   FACT:  People who don’t grow and reach their dreams are those who avoid feeling uncomfortable.     FACT:  The more you do the things that start out uncomfortable, the more you will feel comfortable doing those activities.   Duh!
  It’s all a part of the process for your personal development.  As Jim Rohn taught for many years, “If you want IT to get better, then the key is for YOU to get better.”   Another way of saying that might be, the more experiences you create will enable you get really good at those things that might make you feel uncomfortable.
All I can assure you is this….You’ll never regret working hard, facing challenges, or overcoming obstacles as you build your Shaklee business.  Most of what people regret is what they didn’t do.    Do everything possible to avoid living a life of regret.
Gary Burke

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