How Bad?

This message forwarded from Gary nails the essence of how to be successful in life, business…
Excellent message from Rod Larkin…….Gary Burke
I was doing some of my morning online reading today and came across this question– “How bad do things have to get before people become willing to overcome their fears?”  This got me thinking.  When I joined  Shaklee and began to build the business, I had never done anything like this before I was told I needed to write down my goals and develop an action plan.  I had never done that before.  I was told I had to start a list of names of people that I was going to contact about taking a look at Shaklee.  I had never done that before.  I was told I was going to have to start giving presentations to people. I had never given a presentation before.  Most of the things I needed to do to build a Shaklee business– I had never done before.
Like most people who start this business, I had to be willing to learn new things and do things I had never done before.   I was afraid, nervous, and lacked confidence about some of the things I was told I had to be willing to learn how to do, and do them.  For example, my biggest fear was calling someone out of the blue from my list of names to say the reason why I was calling them was I had started my own business and did they have a couple minutes to talk?  The thought of doing that scared the crap out of me, but I knew I had to do it if I wanted the results and benefits.  I was willing to overcome my fear in order to get what I wanted.
Losing weight– how bad do things have to get before a person is willing to overcome their fear of what they are going to have to buckle down and do for a few weeks or months in order to get the results and benefits they want?
Quit smoking or quit drinking– how bad do things have to get before a person is willing to overcome their fear of what they are going to have to do in order to give up that vice?
You see, most people don’t realize it is fear that is holding them back from so many things they would like to do.  They will come up with other reasons (excuses)– I’m too busy, the timing isn’t right, this isn’t something I can do right now, I have too many things on my plate (the one who wants to lose weight might say that 🙂  Fear, more than anything else, is what holds people back from accomplishing so many things they want to do.  So much of the time, people will choose to do, or continue doing, what they are comfortable doing because that means they don’t have to make any changes.  Ahh– here we are again, that word that can cause fear to rise up more than anything—change.
Change– that’s why it’s so hard for people to lose weight, quit smoking, quit drinking, etc… because it requires a major change in one’s habits and lifestyle.  You have to be willing to change and be uncomfortable— for a while, and then it gets easier and you become more comfortable and you begin to see and like the results your getting.  One day you say– it was worth it!   The same exact thing holds true for the  things a person needs to be willing to change and start doing in order to build a Shaklee business, or any business for that matter.  It’s about learning to do new things, whether you’re comfortable doing them or not in the beginning.  In order for things to change, we have to be willing to change.  Ask yourself– what is IT that you really want to change?
How Bad?  Here is another way to look at this question– “How bad do you want something and what are you willing to do to get it?”  If you want something bad enough, you ‘re willing to do anything and everything you need to do, for as long as it takes, in order to get what you want.  Wanting something bad enough gives you the passion, the motivation, the determination, the focus, and the self-discipline that will empower you to overcome your fears, deal with obstacles and set-backs, and see you through to the end result- your goal, your dream.
Rod Larkin

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