Healthy Happy Holidays

Hi Team,

Had a blast yesterday doing two Healthy Happy Holiday events.

One here at my home with Julie Hornung. Julie had two guests and I had one.

We did Holiday Cinch Shakes and talked about how Shakes and Bars can really help people maintain their energy level and their weight during the holidays.  I had  display of nutritional value of three butter cookies VS a Cinch bar Рwas a real eye opener. (photo to come)

We also did a pamper your skin presentation with Enfuselle line and all the hand and body lotions including the baby line.

Then we went over the Healthy Holiday Collections I put together.

The Gift of Shaklee – Healthy Happy Holidays

Inspiration came from Barb Lagoni and I added a few of my own. All timely for people’s immediate needs AND All designed to help new people take advantage of the FREE Vivix with a $100 new member order. We have 31 more days to get the word out about this awesome offer.

RESULTS – Both of the new people at the event will be placing orders and becoming members with $100 orders. Julie’s sister-in-law who is already using products was great to have in the group as she sang the praises of Get Clean AND learned about a bunch of new products and will most likely be ordering more.

I’m doing another event next Tuesday and already have two guests (besides current distributors) Both are current members who want to learn more and one who is possibly interested in the business.

December has the potential to be an awesome month if we are doing the right things.

Here are some other marketing – gift ideas that you can use this month.

Holiday Gift Ideas

More Holiday Gift Ideas

We do have an awesome gift to offer people who are stressed out, fatigued, worried about money… , but they won’t know about what we have to offer unless we reach out. If you don’t give it to anyone it is just a package!

I’m here to help anyone who doesn’t have a plan for Dec.





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