Hard Work Defeats Fear

More good stuff from Gary this morning. I highlighted the part that jumped out at me. I know success in this business is waiting for all of you if you are willing to work hard and abandon the fear. – Monica

Harvey Macay is a highly successful entrepreneur here in the Minneapolis area.  Harvey has built a huge envelope business plus he has become a well known business author.   He writes a column weekly and in his writing this morning he says something I found interesting  because I could relate with it.   Maybe you can as well.
Here is Harvey’s comment….”I know that my fears of failure were real,
but I had no fear of hard work or success.”
When I think back on my life I’ve had a number of fears….a very real fear of speaking in front of people,  making phone calls because what will I say and what if they…….lots of what if’s!
Fear of asking for an order in a selling situation, a fear about approaching people and doing it successfully, and a few fears on the personal side of life that I won’t get into.
But I have never been afraid of working hard.  Whatever job I had I always put more in the effort than was probably required.  I actually like to work hard at something because I learned that once I had some experience it always got easier, plus I heard a few “atta boy Gary.”
To be honest, I never recall thinking about being successful, I just thought about doing the job and doing it as best I could.  As a coach I obviously gave a lot of thought about winning, but can’t recall thinking about the idea of  using the words “being successful.”  That all came the more I started to learn about business.
The point here is this, regardless of any fears you or I may have, hard work at whatever we do has proven to help reduce and in many cases eliminate fear.   As has been said in so many books I’ve read over the years……”face your fears and you’ll end up the winner.”
Something to think about.
Gary Burke

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