Great Recorded Calls from Gary

Hi Team,
Gary has been doing a mentoring program with weekly calls and he is now making them available to everyone with recordings. All the info below. All worth listening to once or more than once. I will also post this in the training section.

The following are the recorded conference calls we’ve done up to this point.  You can go in and listen to any call 24/7 as these recordings are available for you and your downline.  I will update the list as the weeks go by.
Gary Burke
Number to call:  712-432-8774           ID#:  51038 #      followed by the Sharing ID#
Prospecting                                    Sharing ID is 5278 #
Breaking The Code                       Sharing ID is 5280 #
Clarity & Strength of The Idea –   Sharing ID is  5319 #
with Cathy Meier story
Brenda McCumons                        Sharing ID is  5273 #
Changed Thinking!


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