Grateful to be Healthy

Dear Shaklee friends,

I’ve had a few experiences lately that have instilled more firmly in my heart what a precious gift it is to be healthy. I am so grateful to be in good health and active at the age of 52, although I am realizing that I need to be mindful of the messages my body sends me each day. Last Thursday I woke up with a soreness in my right hip which got progressively worse until I could barely walk up the stairs. Friday evening I was reduced to walking up and down the stairs as a toddler does when they first learn how -one leg over and over rather than alternating legs. The pain caused fear. Had I done something to seriously injure my hip? Was I going to have to live with pain when doing simple tasks? Through stretching, doing some exercises to keep the joint moving, and taking extra supplements within a few days the pain was completely gone. I was amazed by my body’s capacity to heal. I came away with more compassion for my husband who is in chronic pain. It helped me to understand how frustrating it can be when we lose the ability to do simple things in life due to physical limitations.

The second experience was reconnecting with a customer who I hadn’t spoken with in over a year. She shared her story of being diagnosed with breast cancer and the subsequent round of treatments and side effects. I was inspired by the courage she displayed and by her attitude to do all she can to beat the cancer. The puzzling thing about Kay’s story is that she has always been very health conscious and done the right things – eat well – exercise… The even more amazing part is that I got the sense that although she of course asked the “Why me?” question, she didn’t waste time and energy wallowing in self pity – she confronted the situation and took action immediately to embrace the treatments she needed to battle the cancer.

I am inspired by Kay’s story and now I am blessed with the opportunity to help her reach her goal of retiring early by growing a Shaklee business over the next few years. I am grateful for all that Shaklee has done for me and for the gift I can share with others.

Happy Healthy Fall,



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