Gift Giving Ideas

In an era when we all have so much stuff making the choice to give products that people can use to improve their health, their energy level, their vitality makes a whole lot of sense. So here are my picks for some of my favorite Shaklee products that make great gifts. Also remember to take care of yourself – this can be a stressful time of year, so it’s ok to put yourself on your gift list too.



Enfuselle Skincare – Nutritional Therapy for your Skin.

These products has helped me have healthy skin, age more gracefully, avoid dry skin in the winter and still get compliments on my skin at age 53.

Enfuselle Refining Polisher – I use this everytime I shower to slough away dead skin cells and leave my skin looking and feeling fresh without feeling stripped or irritated like exfoliating products.

Enfuselle C+E Repair PM Cream – The ultimate nighttime cream guaranteed to deliver repairing Vitamin C and E to your skin. Words women use to describe it the first time they use it – soft, silky, velvety. You could spent 2-4 times as much at the department store and not find a more effective Vitamin C cream.

Enfuselle Hand and Body Lotion – I like the lotion because it is non greasy and absorbed well. I use it when I do not want anything with a strong scent.

Enfuselle Moisturizing Shower Gel – Does what it says – rich and foamy suds in the shower and skin feels moistured afterward.

Enfuselle Ultra Moisturizing Shea Butter Cream – Rich, luxurious – I love to use it in the dead of winter as an anecdote to dry indoor air.

Shaklee Baby Skincare Products

Great for a friend who is expecting, or has a baby OR for a friend who really likes natural or organic products. They are all 99% natural and from 76% -99% organic. I use all of them when I want to “baby myself”. I’m a big fan of lavendar and they all have that wonderful herb and scent.

Shakleebaby Gentle Wash

Shakleebaby Soothing Lotion – My favorite everyday hand lotion.

Shakleebaby Massage Oil – I use this all over after a shower especially in the winter to keep my skin moisturized. I particularly like it for hands and feet.

Cinch Energy Bars, Tea and Shakes

Great gifts for anyone on the go whether they want to lose weight or not. Keep some on hand for yourself to keep you going through this busy time of year and avoid the average weight gain of 1-5 lbs. Great mix of protein and fiber to keep your blood sugar balanced and your energy high without a lot of calories.

Cinch Snack Bars – I keep some on hand in my car, purse, briefcase… so much better for me than the stuff we usually reach for when we are hungry and in a hurry. Make a great teacher gift. 10gr of protein and only 120 calories.

Cinch Meal Bar – Instant breakfast or lunch. Fill me up for 3 hours or more with only 260 calories.

Cinch Shake Mix – we call it the best breakfast on the planet. I had a friend tell me “This is going to be my breakfast for the rest of my life”

The Gift of a Healthier Home with Get Clean

Get Clean is such a practical gift for anyone with a family – the products work, and are safe for kids, pets, people with allergies, asthma… and the planet. Win, win, win.




Nutrition- The Gift of Better Health

Vitalizer Daily Vitamin Strips– how can you put a price tag on more energy and vitality. I had a recent new Vitalizer customer in her 50’s tell me she hasn’t felt this good since she was in her 20’s. If you are a fan of Vitalizer why not share it with someone you really care about.


Vivix – Slow Aging at the Cellular Level – healthier cells = a healthier you.

 The Ultimate Gift to someone you care about a FREE Shaklee Membership and a FREE bottle of Vivix with a purchase of Vitalizer and a can of Cinch.



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