Gary Burke on Dream Call

Hi Team,

Just finished listening to Gary on this weeks Dream Call. It’s all about getting new people started. Please listen and post any comments here. This is a simple business if you have a simple plan. You invite – I present until you are ready to present on your own. Post comments or questions here and contact me to schedule dates to present to people you know. I like Barb Hill’s simple invitation.

Listen here before 7pm Monday. 512-703-6147

Next week’s call airs at 7pm Monday and then this weeks call gets archived at the member center.

Dream Call Archive


3 comments to Gary Burke on Dream Call

  • Julie

    The Dream Call Recorded # is 512-703-6147
    I just dialed the 513 phone # and got a woman’s voicemail. Make sure you dial 512. Julie 🙂

  • Monica

    Thanks Julie – I corrected the number above. Making mistakes helps to keep me humble.

  • Young

    Very helpful in reinforcing the big picture for me. Especially about developing sales leaders. Approaching people and talking differently. Visualizing my future and talking from that perspective. The future possibilities are endless!

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