Tuesday Morning Webinar

Hi Team,

GOOD NEWS – Jo Coogan created a directory of archived webinars by topic. Click on link to download a copy.

Tuesday Webinar Training Directory

Here’s how to use it.

Pick a topic – look up on the directory which training session it was in.

Login to www.bobsfiles.net/dreamtraining and look up session.

Click on link to listen to archive and you can also download any support materials.

Yeah! Thanks to Jo Coogan.

In my ten years in Shaklee I have to say this Tuesday morning 9am central Drive the Dream Training is some of the best and most practical and realistic training I have encountered. I recommend it for anyone available on Tuesday morning or listen to the archived files. Sessions are hosted by our upline Master Jo Coogan along with Barb Lagoni and Jeanne Trouvell. Good stuff.

Register Now at:
You will find the archived webinars at www.bobsfiles.net/dreamtraining.  Make up your own user name and password. And enter the site.  You’ll find underneath each webinar the word attachments.  Click on that to download the slides; then click on the audio and away you go.