Here are some forms and Ideas I am currently using.

Member Referral Flyer – can be used with new or existing members to promote this benefit – $25 product coupon everytime they refer someone who makes a $25 purchase

Member Referral Flyer

April 2012 Ideas

2012 April Marketing Strategy

April 2012 Inviting ideas

2012 Shaklee Path to Health and Member Option Form

Here is a new daily tracking form I created to help me have a productive day.


Shaklee SUCCESS LIST.doc

I’m calling it my Success List because I know I will be successful if I am making calls and following up each day.

Here are some resources that are available for product and business information from leaders in the Shaklee field. These are not Shaklee endorsed resources, but they can be helpful as you grow your business. I list them here not with the intention that you use them all, but that you know where to go when you need information on a specific topic.


This is an on-line resource maintained by David Mulvain a nutritionist in Shaklee that collaborates with Gail Bryant on publishing the Nutrition and You book. It is loaded with health testimonials. You can subcribe for $10 which allows you to visit the sight 50 times. If you would like to check it out and don’t want to subscribe contact me for my password which I am happy to share.