Member Follow Up

Hi Team,

Following up with new members in the first few weeks after they sponsor is an important step to build a relationship. Here are introductory letter and informational sheet and an outline for member process. I’m still working on the e-mail campaign, but you can start using the rest of the elements and outline right away with anyone you are sponsoring. These are all word docs so you can edit to put in your contact information and delete anything that doesn’t apply for your group. Comments and feedback are welcome.

I also highly recommend two sessions at Shaklee University. Effective Follow Up and Member Care Counts.

2012 member tracking form – Process for follow up outlined in a form you can check off.

12 WELCOME LETTER TEAM To mail to new members

12 MEMBER WELCOME PACK revise 7.2.12 To mail to new members

Script for New Member Welcome appointment

2012 member welcome appointment – Forms and Outline for New Member Welcome appointment

WhichProductsDoYouUse – Form to illustrate Shaklee comparable products to those already being used

Shaklee-izeYourLife – Another 2 page version of same idea – Shaklee version of common products being used by most people.

12 Current Member Update – To mail or give to existing members as an update