Natural Detox Program

 Natural Detox with Herb-Lax

 A good Shaklee friend shared this program with me. Simple to follow and it works.
Program One

Take one Herb-Lax before bed on the first night.

On the second night, take two.

On the third night take four,

Fourth night take six.

Keep adding two to the amount every night until you get the “desired effects” the next day.  The “desired effects” are two (or three) easy bowel movements in one day (easy meaning you don’t have to push).  Hold at that amount of Herb-Lax that gave you the “desired effect” for three to four more days, until you feel like you’ve been cleansed.  You may even feel “lighter.”  One person felt like they were 10 pounds lighter after the fourth day of “desired effects.”  This detoxification process can be done three to four times a year to maintain good health.

Program Two – slight variation

Take the Herb-Lax in the following order:

Day 1   | 1 Herblax

Day 2   | 1 Herblax

Day 3   |2 Herblax

Day 4   |2 Herblax

Day5   |3 Herblax

Day 6   |3 Herblax

Day 7   |3 Herblax

Day 8   |4 Herblax

Day 9   |4 Herblax

Day 10  |4 Herblax

Day 11  |5 Herblax

Day 12  |5 Herblax

Keep gradually adding one to the amount until you reach the “desired effect” (see the

directions under Program One).

Please note:  For some people it may only take 2 or 4 Herb-Lax to achieve the “desired effect.”  For other people it has taken more tablets.  If you go twice during the day, do not increase the number of Herb-Lax that same night – just take the amount you took the previous night.  Continuing with THAT amount of Herb-Lax for 3 or 4 days (or more days if you’d like) insures that the body has had a chance to detoxify once you’ve reached the correct number of Herb-Lax.

Continute to eat as you normally would eat.  Always be certain to drink 8+ glasses of water a day.

Herb-Lax can also be used for times irregularity (take one at night to see what happens the next day – take more if needed).

As always, if you have any questions, please call us.

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