Cinch Support Group Kick Offs

Hi Cinchers,

We are off and running with our 12 week Cinch Support Program – Two Kick Off events – one last night at Social Life Dance and One this morning via GoToMeetings.

Here are some highlights.

Wednesday Night

Biggest Success Story so far – Gary Thomas who is diabetic shared that he lost 4 lbs this past week and his doctor who was threatening to put him on insulin has backed off. Gary has lost 14lbs all together so far and he is using the Cinch Shaklee once a day and the 3 in 1 boost.

Guest speaker Chariti Gent from Pink Stiletto Coaching shared some terrific insight on the importance of having your head in the right place about Weight Loss. When our attitudes are in the right place our actions will follow. This fit right into the Great Expectations seminar that some of us attended a few weeks ago given my Rick Seymour. 90% of our behavior is controlled by our subconscious mind. Here is a summary of Rick’s Laws of Behavior.

Laws of Behavior from Great Expectations with Rick Seymour

Chariti helped us take a closer look at our attitudes.

When you think about weight loss do you think…

Frustrating, it’s like banging my head against the wall.

Exciting and energizing

Opportunity to focus on myself and care for myself

It’s like being on a Roller Coaster

It’s like a Hot Air Balloon Ride

The whole point? Get your head in a positive place about your goal and your level of success will go way up.

Our brains are astonishing things and one of Rick’s laws is that our subconscious mind does not know the difference between a real and vividly imagined event. So…. start seeing yourself as you would like to be once you reach your Cinch Goal.

Oh yes… goals – our next topic.

Here are a few handouts I shared

Mind Matters week one – set SMART GOALS

Cinch Support Group Agreement – a place for you to write down your goals and a plan of action. Fill in the blanks based on your goals.

We wrapped up with encouragement for everyone to login to and check out the recipe section and Cinch U. We will follow along the Cinch U program each week.

Here’s a great hand out that I downloaded from the cinchplan site with recipe ideas.


Have a great week and post here or in the facebook page any comments, successes, questions…

ADDED VALUE – those attending Wed night received a coupon for a free one hour coaching session with Chariti – if you are interested I can inquire if that offer is available to the Thursday morning group.



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