Cinch Shake Ideas

I’ve been getting requests for Cinch Recipes, so click on link below for some fun ideas. I’m not a big recipe person, so I usually just start with some frozen fruit and add juice or soy milk and a couple of scoops of cinch shake. If I am using fresh fruit I start with a handful of icecubes instead.

Here are some of my favorite combos.

Bananas with Chocolate Cinch, Milk or Soymilk and a bit of cinammon.
Frozen or fresh strawberries (or any type of berries) with OJ or Soymilk.

I’ve tried a few of the recipes on the tip sheet and the peanut butter one is yummy. Of course the fat content is going up when you add peanut butter.

Cinch Shake Ideas

If I don’t want to get out the blender I mix Chocolate and Cafe Latte in shaker bottle with some ice cubes and soymilk.

Please post your comments and your favorite Cinch combo.


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