Cinch Promotional Offer – best deal I have seen

Hi Everyone,

The Cinch Promotional offer is the best deal for the consumer that I have ever seen Shaklee offer. I sponsored three new members last week without much effort. I am here to help you in anyway I can contact and follow up with people you know to see if this is a good time and fit for them. Here is a link to a flyer you can forward or print out. cinch_sampler_kit_jan Also the home page of your Shaklee personal website should have the Sample Pack offer on the landing page.

This is a perfect time of year for this promotion as losing weight and getting in shape is on so many people’s TO DO list. Here is a link to a great resource – Cinch Success Stories English– great before and after stories and photos.

┬áPlus we have the added publicity from the sponsorship of Brad Lamm’s new book. Just 10 lbs. Here’s a link to his site where Shaklee is listed as a sponsor with links to purchase Vitalizer and get the Cinch promo. Brad is a regular contributor on Dr. Oz and is traveling around the country promoting the book.

Roger with Dr. Oz and Brad and Scott Lamm

This is pretty exciting stuff and a great PR opportunity. I recommend posting on facebook and getting the word out to as many people as you can in the next week. Please post comments and ideas here so we can all share and brainstorm together.

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