Cinch Promo Talk Points and Ideas

Hi Team,

The topic last week on the Tuesday call was how to use promotions like Cinch to grow and the guests were Pam Cary and Moyra who sponsored around 13 new members in her group with Cinch promo. Here are some ideas from their call and adaptations I made to have language sound more comfortable for me.

“I have a quick question for you. I’m wondering who you know who may be looking to lose weight this year?

 The reason I ask is there is a great promotion with a lot of free Cinch products for new Shaklee members.

I’m looking for people who want to lose 10lbs this year. Who comes to mind?

The reason I ask is – Have you heard of this new book called Just 10lbs? The author is a guy named Brad Lamm. He’s a regular on Dr. Oz’s show and his whole concept is to help people get started by encouraging them to lose “Just 10lbs. One of the cool things right now is that he really likes Cinch products and Shaklee is one of the sponsors of his book tour that is going on right now. So Shaklee cooked up this awesome promotional offer to help new people get started where they get $86 worth of free Cinch Products with an initial order

So I’m looking for people who want to get started by losing 10lbs. Who do you know who may have mentioned that they are looking to take off some weight this year?

Have I told you much about the Cinch program and how it’s helping people who have had problems with dieting in the past?”

They also have had success posting on facebook. Here are some of their posts.

                “ I’m looking for 10 people who want to lose just 10#. Do you know anyone? Send them to me please.”

Post #2 “ Are you fed up with yo-yo dieting? I love Shaklee and the products they produce. Cinch is a clinically proven program for weight  & inch loss that tastes great and works. In February, Shaklee is giving away $100 of Cinch products to all new members . Check out the link to see more . Contact me for more info.”

Jean’ s Post “I am having Cinch shakes for breakfast,  I’m mixing a strawberry shake this morning  with strawberries and bananas– great way to start the day . Helping me to lose weight . She added link to her website.”


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