Go Green Smoothee

Adding a handful of spinach to my smoothie in the morning is becoming a habit. Here’s a great green smoothie recipe adapted from a friend and in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. The avocado makes it super creamy. I have taste tested this one on both my husband who is very finicky and my 16 . . . → Read More: Go Green Smoothee


Digestion is the Gateway

Before beginning any weight loss or supplement program it is a good idea to make sure your digestive system is working well.

Natural Approaches to Digestive Health Adapted from Lagoni Health Associates

The Digestive system is critically important to the body‚Ķ It is the gateway for all nutrients to reach the blood stream and eventually . . . → Read More: Digestion is the Gateway


Shake it Up!

A protein shake or smoothee in the morning is standard fare at our house. I usually experiment with what I have on hand, but having a recipe helps me get proportions right and more consistent results even if I substitute ingredients. If you are anything like me I tend to see a recipe and think . . . → Read More: Shake it Up!


To Soy or Not to Soy

This helpful information was compiled by: Dr. Stephen Chaney, PhD Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics, UNC School of Medicine Dr. Chaney earned a BS in Chemistry from Duke University and a PhD in Biochemistry from UCLA. He runs an active cancer research program at UNC and has published over 100 scientific articles and reviews in . . . → Read More: To Soy or Not to Soy


Rub Elbows with Olympians

Monica and Caryn Davies – so I will never forget how short I am. I decided that her arms are probably as long or longer than my legs!


The perks for being a successful member of “The Shaklee Family” keep growing. Although I never imagined that building a business with Shaklee would lead . . . → Read More: Rub Elbows with Olympians


Dr. asks “Why should patients listen to me… when I am overweight?

I heard Dr Lori’s story last month and when I reread it I felt compelled to pass it along. Leading by example is such a simple and powerful concept. I applaud her for making the life changing steps to improve her health so she can inspire her patients to do the same.

Dr. Lori Johnson-Dimock . . . → Read More: Dr. asks “Why should patients listen to me… when I am overweight?


And the winner is…

Losing to win – interesting concept. A huge congratulations to Edgar Ortiz who grabbed a hold of a new way of life through the Cinch Inch Loss Program and came out the big winner in the Cinch Transformation contest sponsored by Shaklee. Here is his story.

1st Place Winner – $10,000 Edgar Ortiz (Distributor, CA) . . . → Read More: And the winner is…


Imagine the Olympic Testing Committee showing up

Imagine you are an athlete bound for the Olympics in a couple of months and one Saturday night your doorbell rings and you open the door to find the Olympic testing Committee ready to do a random test for banned substances.

How would you feel? Anxious? Nervous? How about confident and secure!

That is the . . . → Read More: Imagine the Olympic Testing Committee showing up


Performance fuels 700 mile bike ride

Received this wonderful testimonial from a new customer yesterday and had to share it. Monica, I am nearly done with my 700 mile bike ride to raise money for the UW Cancer Research Foundation. I started on July 4th and am scheduled to finish on August 4th, my 70th birthday. I ride anywere from 25 . . . → Read More: Performance fuels 700 mile bike ride


Pure Performance

This hot dry weather is taxing on my garden, but also on us humans. As I go out to water the garden each day I am reminded that the people in my household need to stay hydrated too. Our drink of choice in the summer is Shaklee’s Performance Sports Drink. When you’ve been using Shaklee . . . → Read More: Pure Performance