Are you in Motion?

So grateful for to have a wise mentor like Gary Burke. These principles can be applied to any area of life. -Monica Marrone Greetings, One idea or principle that I accepted years ago is it is my responsibility to keep myself inspired or motivated to do what has to be done to build my future. . . . → Read More: Are you in Motion?


Rub Elbows with Olympians

Monica and Caryn Davies – so I will never forget how short I am. I decided that her arms are probably as long or longer than my legs!


The perks for being a successful member of “The Shaklee Family” keep growing. Although I never imagined that building a business with Shaklee would lead . . . → Read More: Rub Elbows with Olympians


It will make a difference.

Having a plan for whatever you want to achieve in life is the key. My mentor Gary Burke always comes back to the simple and basic concepts. That’s why he has been successful and that’s why I listen to his messages. Who are you listening to?


I’m preparing a talk I’ll be giving shortly . . . → Read More: It will make a difference.


One of the nice things about having a great mentor like Gary Burke is that his messages are universal to whatever endeavor you are undertaking in life. And although his message doesn’t change much as I grow I gain deeper insights. Hope this one has some meaning for you. Monica Greetings, Here is a very . . . → Read More:


What is possible?

What possibilities do you want to consider for yourself? Or others? Paint a vivid picture of what you would like your life to look like and you will stay the course to make it a reality. Here’s a refection from my friend and mentor Gary Burke about possibilities…

I was reading something yesterday and I . . . → Read More: What is possible?


I was so excited I couldn’t sleep…

Have you ever met someone or heard a speech that ignites a spark in your mind and in your heart so deeply that you know without a doubt that this experience is going to change the rest of your life?

That’s what happened to me on January 7, 2005.

I was attending a conference in . . . → Read More: I was so excited I couldn’t sleep…


A Million Trees turns into a Billion

Part of my 2007 tree planting endeavors

“We cannot protect the earth by just talking about it. We have to do something and one of the simplest and most doable actions is to plant a tree because all you have to do is dig a hole.”

-Wangari Maathai, 2004 Nobel Laureate

This simple . . . → Read More: A Million Trees turns into a Billion


Wouldn’t it be great if money were….

“Wouldn’t it be great if money were the least of our worries.” That’s the question Jo and Mike Coogan were pondering over 35 years ago when their friend Gary Burke showed up at their door to talk to them about how Shaklee could change their future.

At the time Jo and Mike were teachers and . . . → Read More: Wouldn’t it be great if money were….


How to become great at….

One of the things I love about what I do is the opportunity to be a life long learner. Being mentored by successful people is a blessing. Here are some inspiring thoughts from my friend Gary Burke. Lessons can be applied to whatever you are passionate about. The following quote is probably one of the . . . → Read More: How to become great at….


The Little Things Do Count

This gem was sent to me this morning by one of my mentors. It is amazing sometimes how we receive a message just when we need it most. I hope the timing is as good for you as it is for me. THE LITTLE THINGS DO COUNT

by Amy Taylor – Published in Lafayette Journal . . . → Read More: The Little Things Do Count