Building your future –

  Hi Team,

Another great message from Gary. I’m committed to building – me and you.

As you well know, personal development as well as business development is what’s vital in building your Shaklee future.   It seems to me it’s all about getter better… a person and as a leader.   There is a very simple but profound principle everyone should know about as far as I’m concerned.   
                            The best way to build your future is to build yourself.
                       The best way to build your business is to build your people.
How do we build ourselves?   We must be checking ourselves in what I call the intangibles.
I’m a strong believer that anyone can literally guarantee their success.  It isn’t the company or the products that will guarantee your success.  The intangibles are the answer.
        Attitude        determination         belief        being consistent        effort
                being diligent        persistent          commitment        be mentally tough 
                        read good books…..readers are leaders and leaders are readers. 
                    Those are areas that will build you.  To build your future, build YOU!
Building people is another matter.  To build people is to….
        Encourage them        recognition        be a good listener        give them your time
            When they are talking, look at them        don’t talk about yourself  too much
                ask them questions           focus on them      it’s really quite simple!
There is probably much more that could be said here but I’m sure you get the point.  This is a people business so building ourselves makes sense, and building others is crucial.
Think about it.   
Gary Burke 


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