Best advise for 2012 (and beyond)

Jo Coogan sent this out today and I am pretty sure it is from Dan Henderson (Gary’s upline)
I do lot’s of conference calls and 3/way calls every week.
People invariably ask me for “The Secret.” 
I tell them… “There is not one secret.” But they persist.
They want me to chunk it down to it’s essence.

They want what everybody wants … a simple formula that works.

So, I thought I’d give it my best shot, and give you the formula
I wish I had when I started my Shaklee business.
Let’s start with 5 possible reasons for a lack of success…
1) You’re not telling your story often enough. 
2) You’re telling it to the wrong people.
3) Your approach is not very good.
4) You’re not telling the story in a compelling way.
5) They don’t like or believe you. 

In 2012, do this with passion and persistence…


Find 10 people. 

Ten people you want on your team.

Ten people who trust you/respect you/ and will listen to you…

Tell them your story without hype or pretense. Be nice.  

If they love it, you win. You now have the magic formula.

With your help, they’ll find ten more people (or, perhaps, just 3).

Keep doing what you’re doing and never stop until you find…

3 KEY people who have a strong reason to do this 

 3 KEY people who are coachable.

3 KEY people who will treat their business like a business.

If they don’t love it — Start over. 

Tweak your story or approach. (How can I be more effective?)

Now, tell your new story to 10 more people.

If they love it. You have the magic formula.

Keep doing this until you find an approach and story-telling formula that works.

When you do, you can find and develop leaders at will. CaChing!

Have fun along the way. 

Everybody likes being around people who are fun to be around 🙂 

Have a great Christmas Holiday and a spectacular ’12!

Dan & Glenda


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