Asking ?’s and Telling Stories

Hi Team,

I have been reflecting on what we do in Shaklee – how we do it? What is the skill set that brings success. It is really easy right now to get distracted by all the “stuff” – calls, videos, training, promo offers… I know I get overwhelmed at times. My goal is to help you stay focused on the activities and skills that bring results. What I have done is look to the successful people in Shaklee and model what I do after them and this is what I have found. The people who are successful – Gary Burke, Jo and Mike Coogan, Gail Bryant, Pat Hintze … what they do is ask questions and tell stories. I guarantee you if you get good at asking questions and telling stories you will follow in their footsteps.

What kind of questions? Open ended ?’s about the person you are speaking to. Learn about them – make a friend.

What kind of stories? Your Shaklee story – with passion, with description. Other Shaklee stories – collect stories and learn to retell them.

I will continue to post on these topics and this will be the focus of our training this Saturday. See post on training for more details – there is homework for you to do before Sat. so our time together is productive.


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