Are you willing to be uncomfortable?

I have the good fortune to have smart mentors. Here’s a powerful message from my friend Gary Burke on what it takes to be successful.
While reading a golf magazine I came across the following statement.  David Feherty who was a professional golfer at one point in his life made the statement.   He grew up in Ireland and about 3 or 4 years ago he became an American citizen because he fell in love with this country.  He is very popular in the golfing world and this is what he said.

              “It’s one of the things I love about this country,” he says.  “If you’re willing to do the things that unsuccessful people won’t do, you’ll be successful.  You just have to put yourself in a place where you know you’ll be uncomfortable.  And that’s true whether you’re an actor, an athlete, a musician, a businessman or a writer.”

He hit the target on those comments about becoming successful.  Just ask yourself, what is it that the unsuccessful people aren’t willing to do?   In our business it could be many things but I’m sure you can make a list of the things that it takes to be doing in order to become highly successful in this business.
I challenge you to take a couple minutes and write a list of what you know has to be done to become successful in this business.   Then just go over the list and check off what you are doing from your list.
Mr. Feherty also suggests that we all have to put ourselves in situations where we are uncomfortable.  I could tell you about the many, many times when I personally felt very, very uncomfortable.  I’m like most people who come into Shaklee which means I had never done 99% of the things that a person has to do to make it in this business.  But the more I learned about what was possible once a person becomes successful in Shaklee, the more I was willing to be uncomfortable.
Think about it for a couple minutes.  Will you be doing something this week that you know will make you feel uncomfortable?  If you are, good for you because you’ll be growing.   If you aren’t, you might want to challenge yourself and make sure you put yourself in a situation where you know will be uncomfortable.
Gary Burke

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