Are you in Motion?

So grateful for to have a wise mentor like Gary Burke. These principles can be applied to any area of life.
-Monica Marrone
One idea or principle that I accepted years ago is it is my responsibility to keep myself inspired or motivated to do what has to be done to build my future.  It’s really not easy to try to have everyday be the very best day of my life.  In fact it’s impossible.   But yet in this business we are our own boss.  We are the CEO of our life.  We have to somehow be willing to be in charge of ourselves and create a routine that leads down a good path.
There are always challenges that we need to respond to as well as opportunities to take advantage of.  I think the tough part is keeping ourselves in motion and I’ve learned that when I have people to work with who want to grow it’s much easier to stay in motion and be doing the things that create growth….appointments, then more appointments, follow up, in-home presentations, more meetings, help people develop their plan of activity and work with the people who truly want to grow and build.   When I’m doing the growth activities the business is always more enjoyable.
So my simple thought for today is this…..Are you in motion doing growth activities?  Do you have what you would call a good solid routine to make sure you stay in motion?  Do you have 2 to 3 people in your personal group who want to grow to a higher rank?  Yes or no.   If no is your answer are you willing to look at your routine and make sure prospecting fits into your schedule?   If yes is your answer you are probably busy and having fun working at the business because you are in motion and that helps to stay motivated and inspired.
Think about a couple things….Will my current routine lead me to where I want to go?
                                            Am I in motion?
Gary Burke

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