Are you failing enough?

The message of a great leader can apply to any area of life. I’m so blessed to have Gary Burke as a mentor. Here’s his lesson for today.
I want to share a statement with you that has important meaning for growing this business and becoming successful at a high level.  
                                           “It doesn’t bother me that I see people fail. 
                                        What does bother me is they don’t fail enough.”
Probably the worst thing a person can do is not attempt anything because of a fear of failure.  Maybe a good way to approach this issue is to understand and accept the fact that all of us have many lessons to learn as we grow our business.  The word lessons is simply a replacement for the word failure. 
It is vital that you understand that lessons (failure) are a important part for becoming successful.  There isn’t a person in the world who has attempted to build a business that hasn’t had to learn many lessons along the way.   I could make this a very long message by just telling you about all the lessons I’ve had to learn because many, many times I went to do a meeting when no one showed up….I’ve had appointments where I was the only person who showed up…..I’ve had people who told me they would of course attend a meeting and they never showed up….I have tried several things that flat out didn’t work… took us 8 years to become Master Coordinator  when many others were accomplishing it in 3 years.
It’s a part of the process for becoming successful.  You will learn lessons but only if you’re in motion talking with people and doing your best developing the needed skills for building yourself a great Shaklee future.
Here is something I’ve read in a few different places over the years……If you aren’t experiencing failure  (lessons) every week, you’re not working hard enough.   WORK HARD!  HAVE FUN!
Gary Burke
Not afraid of failing on your way to success? Leave me a message. I’m looking for people to join me on this learning lessons journey.

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