April is time to spread the news

Hi Team,

I’m really excited about the Free membership with $30 order promotion and have a bunch of ideas for leveraging this for lots of growth for everyone in the group. I would like to have two brainstorming conference calls this week to exchange ideas and come up with Plans of Action. Here are some preliminary¬† ideas.

  • Call existing members (or new contacts) and offer an attractive incentive for hosting a Get Clean Shaklee event in their home or providing individual referrals.
  • Combine our existing expertise and also try some new things in the arena of Social Media. I’m thinking about delving into the whole youtube arena – we could produce a few videos talking about Get Clean and demos of how to use it. Load them on youtube and be posting links on facebook….¬† – I know Young is using some texting promotional services for the studio. Let’s share ideas and see how we can help each other.

I’m open to any ideas you may have – if we put our heads together I’m sure we will come up with some exciting action plans.

I would like to do two calls. 1. Monday at 1:30 and 2. Thursday at 1:30. There is a business leader conference call on Wednesday night and I believe there will be some exciting announcements about some big publicity regarding Get Clean or Earth Day and environmental stuff… Second call will be to exchange ideas once we have details from that call.

Number to call 218-339-4600 pin 1065001#

Monday 1:30

Thursday 1:30

In the meantime you are welcome to post comments here with your thoughts and ideas.


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