And the winner is…

Losing to win – interesting concept. A huge congratulations to Edgar Ortiz who grabbed a hold of a new way of life through the Cinch Inch Loss Program and came out the big winner in the Cinch Transformation contest sponsored by Shaklee. Here is his story.

1st Place Winner – $10,000
Edgar Ortiz (Distributor, CA) 
180lbs. Lost With Cinch®*

In November of 2009, I made the decision to make a serious commitment to transform my life. From then on, I moved away from the self-destructive eating habits that were leading me down the road to high-cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and certainly an early death. At my peak, I weighed 400, but with the help of my dear friend, Certified Personal Trainer, and Shaklee Distributor,Ruben Cervantes (California), I was able to make the changes necessary to lose 180 pounds.*

Before I started my journey, my diet consisted of pizza, hamburgers, soda, and fast food three times a day. Ruben helped me change that. With his counsel, we planned out meals that would help keep a daily caloric deficit and enabled me to lose weight in a safe and healthy manner. Shaklee’s Cinch products became an essential part of this balanced nutritional plan. We integrated the Cinch Shakes, Meal-in-a-Bar, Snack Bars, and 3-in-1-Boost™ to my diet. Along the way, other Shaklee products became part of my nutritional plan as well including Shaklee Vitalizer™, Vivix®, Energizing Soy Protein Mix, Stress Relief Complex, CaratoMax®, and FlavoMax®.

One of the best moments in this whole journey was taking out all of the clothing items in my closet that had a size containing an X on it. Some of these clothing items included 4XL shirts and size 50 pants.  In the end, $2,000 worth of clothing was discarded or donated. The change in my lifestyle has even inspired and motivated friends and family to change their own habits. Edgar Ortiz Before

Today, I am leading a more active and healthy lifestyle. I’ve participated in two 5K runs, a 10K run, and three half-marathons. I also lead periodic hiking trips with friends and family. As I train for athletic events, Shaklee Sports Nutrition® products help me recover faster from some of the most intense workouts. My hope is to train for a triathlon, and continue to set the example of an active and healthy lifestyle supported by Shaklee.

*Results not typical. In a preliminary study of the Cinch Inch Loss Plan, participants on average lost 15.4 pounds in 12 weeks.


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