About Me

1998 – My life as a late bloomer mom begins at the age of 39.  This life changing event put two desires in my heart.

1. Do whatever I could to get healthy. I desperately did not want to be the older mom who couldn’t do fun stuff with David as he grew up.

2. Find a way to escape from my full time job. Returning to the corporate world after 8 weeks of hugging and snuggling with my baby was one of the most difficult things I had ever done.

Fast forward a few years and I was introduced to some nutritional products after both my nurse practitioner and chiropractor made a recommendation. I got hooked when I realized that I felt better, had more energy and the real kicker – I wasn’t getting sick anymore!

My passion for the nutritional products quickly turned into a passion for this whole company called Shaklee. Why? I found out their philosophy was that man should live “In Harmony with Nature.”  And in addition to the nutritional products I quickly became a regular consumer of the non toxic earth friendly cleaners, skin soothing and wrinkle defying skin care, shampoo, toothpaste…

I initially got involved with the business part because I wanted to support my “Shaklee habit”, and pay for my products. In the back of my mind I wondered, “Could this be my ticket out of the corporate world?”

More about my journey from avid consumer to programmed for success entrepreneur another day.

My view of what I do now?

I look for people who want to feel better tomorrow than they feel today, and I share my passion for how the Shaklee products have helped me and thousands others improve their health.

AND I look for people who want more tomorrow than they have today and I share my passion for THE DREAM PLAN. The incredible new game changer compensation plan introduced by Roger Barnett to the Shaklee family in October 2011. Then the fun begins. I get to help them create a brighter future for themselves and their family by coaching and mentoring them on how to be successful with a Shaklee business.

I get to help birth other entrepreneurs and along the way they can earn immediate cash to pay off bills, a new car, trips to exotic locations, and long term residual income to infinity. How cool is that?

Want to learn more?

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Or send me an email – monica@ecowellnessllc

I would love to hear about your life journey and help you decide if the Shaklee mission to make the world a better place is a good fit for you.

To a healthy and wealthy life,

Monica Marrone