A Simple Formula

One of the nice things about having a great mentor like Gary Burke is that his messages are universal to whatever endeavor you are undertaking in life. And although his message doesn’t change much as I grow I gain deeper insights. Hope this one has some meaning for you.
Here is a very simple formula for success.  I love things that are simple yet challenging.  Simple because it’s easy to grasp and a challenge because that has potential to get us moving.  When we’re in business for ourselves….being entrepreneurs…we are all the CEO of our own future.  You are in charge.  You set the pace for your future to be different.   You are your boss.
I also believe that we all need direction from people who have become highly successful because they have already done the job.   They understand.  I say the above because of the following quote or statement about success.   It’s something everyone wants.  There are no secrets.  If you’re wondering how to proceed to make this next quarter or new business year your best ever, you might want to consider following this three step process.
Success is the ability to:  1. Recognize opportunity
                                        2. Form plans and strategies that leverage the opportunity.
                                        3. To develop the necessary skills needed to execute those strategies.
                                                                          Gary Ryan Blair
It isn’t always easy but it’s worth the time and effort to become what you’re capable of becoming.  Yes, it’s going to take time and effort, but when you look at what Shaklee is offering, what’s at the end of the rainbow so to speak……step #1 is something we’ve already got…..THE SHAKLEE OPPORTUNITY.  Your job starting today is to take the time and work on step 2 and 3.
It’s something to think about.
Gary Burke

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