You Can Have What you Say

Hi Team,
Young, Sue and I had the good fortune to attend Gary’s leadership summit a few weeks ago and here is a follow up message from Gary. The conference had a profound impact on my thinking. Please read this message and reflect on the messages you are sending yourself everyday. Gary’s comments in blue.
Remember when we talked about buying-In to:  1. Vision  –  Easy and fun to do.
                                                                     2. The Work – The key for your success.
I had a thought this AM as I was working out and I want to pass it along to you for your consideration.
The thought was …..There is one true and accurate way to predict your future.  I don’t read horoscopes or anything like that because I know the true and only way to predict what my future will be like.  This will sound very simplistic to those of you who don’t know this, but give it some thought.
If you want to know exactly what your future will be like…..Just listen to yourself talk to yourself.
There is a principle on this – You can have what you say, but most
                                          people keep saying what they have.
How you talk to yourself, about yourself, and about what you want to do is THE KEY. 
    Example:  Some people keep saying over and over and over…..”I can’t find a business builder.”
                    “I don’t know anyone interested in building this business.”
I will flat out guarantee you that any person who keeps saying what is above will never find a builder.  They convince themselves by telling themselves over and over how they can’t find a builder.   When you think and say to yourself many times over that you can’t find a build, why look?  
I could go on and on…..I know this is simplistic, but think about what you’re thinking and saying.
The starting point for becoming successful in this business is simple but not always easy.  It is as follows:
                                    You just have to change your language.
I’m looking for people in our downline at any level who are very serious about building new Directors.
I would add – I am seriosly looking for people in my downline that are ready to become directors and build new directors. Contact me to schedule a one on one strategy session.

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