5 Day Reset/Detox


Looking for a quick, natural, safe, and effective way to get back on track, feel more energized, reduce toxins and stress, gain control over what goes into your body, and build your health? 

The 5-day Life-Reset with optional Healthy Cleanse will not only flush your system of impurities, but will also aid in weight loss and overall health.

5 Day Reset Overview
Curb cravings, jump start weight loss, increase energy, develop healthy eating habits.

  • 2-3 Life Shake meals a day. Life Shake is a plant based non GMO meal replacement with pre and probiotic for immune and digestive health.
  • Healthy eating with lots of fruits and veggies and limited animal protein. See guidelines below.
  • Light exercise – we encourage you to do 15-20 minutes of exercise based on your current level of activity and ability
  • Group support online and via conference calls – this includes Q&A with Dr. Judy Ciasto for online chat or Q&A on live conference calls
  • Recipes and Tips

Optional Healthy Cleanse

Optimize the health benefits by adding the healthy cleanse products to cleanse and heal the digestive system and liver.

  • Choose from digestive cleanse with Alfalfa, Herblax and Optiflora
  • Add Liver DTX to support and cleanse the liver.

Daily Routine


Lemon Water (+ Energizing Tea- optional)

Shaklee Life Energizing Shake

RESET: Life Strip, Vitalizer or Vita-lea

DETOX: 5 Alfalfa, 1 Liver DTX, and Optiflora (if not using Vitalizer)

Optional Add-On: B-Complex and/or Stress Relief Complex


Shaklee Life Energizing Shake

Unlimited Veggies (limit starchy to one a day see recommendations below)

Optional Add-On: 1-2 B-Complex if desired for extra energy, cravings or hunger prevention


Healthy meal OR Shaklee Life Energizing Shake

Unlimited Veggies (limit starchy to one a day see recommendations below)


DETOX: 5 Alfalfa, 1-2 Liver DTX,

Optional Add-On: B-Complex and/or Stress Relief Complex


DETOX: 1-2 Herb-lax with a glass of water

Eating 5 times a day will keep your blood sugar stable and help you resist cravings.
Fiber will fill you up.
Guideline 120-150 calories, 5 grams fiber, 5 grams of protein, and less than 10 grams of sugar.
Lots of veggies – see free food list,

Shaklee Energizing Tea, black coffee, unsweetened tea and water


  • Drink at least half your weight in ounces of WATER every day.
  • Steam your veggies if it’s hard for you to digest raw vegetables, also add EZ-Gest (digestive enzymes)
  • Balsamic vinegar, lemon or lime juice or pureed avocado are great substitutes for salad dressing
  • Salsa without any added sugar is a great flavor boost to salads
  • Avoid dairy as a base for your shakes if you are doing the Healthy Cleanse. You can use soy, coconut, almond milk or substitute a cup of water and a scoop of Plain & Simple Life Shake.


STEP ONE: Choose Core Nutrition

If you are already on a Shaklee supplement program we suggest you continue with your routine and purchase the Life Shake if you don’t have that on hand. If are not currently using Shaklee supplements, choose one of these product packs that include the Life Shake to provide nutritional support, help you maintain your energy and provide the plant based protein meal replacements you need for program.

  1. GOOD: Essentials Plan (30-svgs Vita-Lea multi, 15 Life Shakes,
    45-svgs OmegaGuard ), $68.80 MP with Autoship Discount
  2. BETTER: Vitalizing Plan (30 Vitalizer strips + 30 Life Shakes),
    $143.95 MP with Autoship Discount
  3. BEST: Shaklee Life Plan (30 Life-Strips include Vivix Liquigels +
    30 Life Shakes), $219.82 MP with Autoship Discount

STEP TWO: Choose Optional Cleanse

  1. GOOD
    Alfalfa – 330 tablets – $16.45
    Herblax – 60 tablets – $6.90
  2. BETTER – add
    Optiflora probiotic – 30 capsules – $19.10
  3. BEST – add
    Liver DTX – 37.25


STEP THREE: Choose Optional Add-Ons

  • Shaklee 180 Metabolic Boost (to burn more calories naturally)
  • Ez-Gest (multiple digestive enzymes to alleviate gas and bloating)
  • Shaklee 180 Energizing Tea (Pomegranate or Green Tea)
  • Stress Relief Complex – herbal blend to support a calm, more relaxed state without drowiness
  • Vitamin B Complex – for added energy, help to manage stress

All products contain no artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, preservatives.  Gluten-free. Lactose-free. Low Glycemic.

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OR CONTACT ME: Monica Marrone | 608-513-5216 |