25 a month = Fast Track Success

Hi everyone,

I’m excited to report that Gail’s 25 a month challenge is really working. Gail spoke at our Shaklee meeting last month and shared a story about Linda G in her group that took her up on the Challenge – has earned two free dinners and is on her way to being a director. Here’s the story backed up by Linda who also attended the meeting last week.

September Рmonth one Рshe did 25 presentations and her volume went from 250-700 and she found around 5 people interested in learning about the business.

October – month two – she did 25 presentations and her volume went from 700-1300

November – month three – she had set a goal to break out as a director.

HER APPROACH РI have this assignment to do 25 presentations a month and was wondering if you would do me a favor and be one of my 25? The amazing thing Рshe got 25 YESES!  No one said no!

HER PRESENTATION – she is using Gail’s first presentation power point and my through the grapevine report on her style is that she just reads exactly what Gail has on the slide.

THE MESSAGE – keep it simple. This is very doable. If you can only do 12 a month and it takes you 6 months to be a director that is still a great goal and accomplishment.

I’m here to help present for you a couple of time and to let you practice presenting with me if you like.

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