100 Day Challenge – Will You Help?

I’m so excited about what Shaklee has to offer in terms of better health and a financial opportunity that I am challenging myself to share the Shaklee story with 100 people between now and July 1. I’m willing to reward anyone who will help me by introducing me to 5 people you know. As a thank you gift you get a months supply of one of Shaklee’s best selling products – Vivix or Vitalizer.

Who do I want to talk to? People who want to be healthy and people who are concerned about their financial future. Sound like someone you know? More details in the attachment.

80 nutrients clinically proven to provide the foundation for better health

5 = Free Vitalizer or Vivix

The other 100 part of this story is the opportunity to earn $100,000 in 15 months. People are doing it with the New Dream Plan from Shaklee and I believe if I tell the story to 100 people I will find at least one who wants to go after the big prize. Know any overachiever types? Someone who is fed up with their job? Has an entrepreneurial spirit? Or someone who just really needs money?

Send them all my way – even if you don’t know the big roller type someone you know may know that person. I just want to get the message out and meet lots of nice people along the way. I will enjoy the process as meeting new people is delightful.

Thanks for your help,



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  • Congrats on the outdoor run! I just swehitcd to all natural cleaning products due to a woman at work selling them, so far, so good. My parents have a bird nest in an arrangement on their front door, crazy where they set up shop I’ll try to get some pictures of their nest too.

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